By Lindsey Court
Principal and Program Manager, Woodview Learning Centre

What’s New at Woodview Learning Centre?

We now have a BCBA!

We are delighted to announce that effective September 2018, the Woodview Learning Centre will have a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA)! Liz Day has been with Woodview’s Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) program, now the Ontario Autism Program (OAP), since 2012 and as the BCBA Clinical Supervisor since 2014. Liz has extensive experience consulting with families and providing ABA therapy for children with ASD. Liz continues to be an incredible asset to Woodview and now the Woodview Learning Centre looks forward to having her join the team!

Ontario Autism Program Direct Funding

Beginning in September 2018, families may utilize their Ontario Autism Program (OAP) Direct Funding towards their child’s participation in Woodview Learn Centre. Under the OAP guidelines, the student and family will participate in an intake session to determine eligibility. If the student is eligible, the Woodview Learning Centre Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), Liz Day, will supervise a number of approved hours for each student. These hours may be claimed as Direct Funding Option hours under the Ontario Autism Program.

New Logo

We’re excited to unveil the new logo for the Woodview Learning Centre. We wanted to be able to highlight the school’s work and raise awareness of the program for families who may be searching for an alternative school placement for their child with autism.

We wanted the new logo to emphasize the educational aspect of the Woodview Learning Centre, so we chose a book as the symbol. We took this idea to graphic designer, Karen Jorritsma of Bolster Design – and a former Woodview Learning Centre parent! Karen has a special affection for Woodview as her child was a student at the Learning Centre for over three years.

The Woodview Learning Centre has been a great part of our family’s life so I would love to help with this!

Karen designed a beautiful new logo, and describes it as “an open book with pages that are in movement to represent momentum in learning. The orange figure in the middle represents a student whose ‘arms’ reach up in a happy, positive direction, showing joy and enthusiasm. The ‘body’ is also an abstract heart shape, representing the care received at the school and how the school views its students.”

We also introduced a new brand colour to accompany the Woodview blue and green; orange is vibrant and exudes the enthusiasm that our students have in a positive environment.

New Website

We wanted to create a stress-free space where parents that are searching for an ASD-specific school would easily find the information they are looking for. We want to provide medical professionals, community partners, service providers, and prospective families with all the information they’ll need to know about Woodview Learning Centre in a clear and transparent way.

Now using the Remind App

Woodview Learning Centre now uses the Remind App for easy two-way communication between Instructors and Parents. It’s convenient, secure, and easy to use.

New parent portal to G Suite for Education

We are introducing Google for Education in our classrooms which will be accessible via the Parent Portal on the Woodview Learning Centre website.