By Steven Vovk
Education Coordinator, Woodview Learning Centre

Up until now most of our blog posts have been about academics, classroom content, and other school topics. While these are important, they only capture a portion of Woodview Learning Centre.

Learning Centre classroomIt is well known that activities inside the school and outside the school add something so very special to the school experience. Woodview Learning Centre prides itself on experiential learning, school culture, and our student’s well-being. At Woodview, we have several experiences a week that the students enjoy, some repeating and some new. Some of our regular memory makers are trips to the library, swimming, birthday parties, hiking through the peaceful woodland and green spaces around our school, and STEM activities that bring excitement every time!

Activities and outings we plan are also social, age, and skill level appropriate. Our school is open to children and youth ages 6 – 17. While our younger students could have the opportunity to engage in yoga classes, our older students enjoy experiences like weekly personal training, volunteer work, and even cooking classes.

Additional activities we offer at Woodview Learning Centre include: karate, professional music classes, art school classes, trips to the sights and experiences of Toronto, geo caching, bowling, trips to places such as a chocolate factory, museums, indoor play areas, Burlington’s waterfront, holiday shopping extravaganzas, SPCA visits and fundraisers, farm visits, water parks, zoo’s, and much more!

white lion at zooWoodview Learning Centre is incredibly grateful to Unity for Autism for the past several years of grant funding, which has helped us to be able to offer these experiences for our students. It is Woodview Learning Centre’s belief that learning needs to be fun, different, and thoughtful.  Should you have any questions or are interested in talking more about these extra-learning experiences, please call us at 905-689-4727 x137.