Four Pathways

Here at the Woodview Learning Centre we have our four classrooms that are grouped by several factors, some of which include age, learning levels, and curriculum expectations. The first is the Primary pathway. This pathway includes JK-grade 2 aged-children and its programming is combined with Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI). The Primary pathway is overseen by our Principal, Education Coordinator, Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), and Ontario Curriculum Instructors. The second pathway is the Elementary class. This is for grades 3-5, and is again overseen by our leadership and Ontario Curriculum Instructors. The third pathway is the Woodview Learning Enrichment Program (WLEP). This pathway is integrated into other classes. It focuses on taking students at grade level or close to it and expanding their learning in an engaging methodology that teaches them skills that are two grade levels above. The last pathway is the Woodview Alternative Skills Program (WASP). This pathway focuses on the essential skills for independence, volunteering/working, key foundational literacy/numeracy skills, and executive functioning. This pathway is meant for appropriate secondary age students and is similar to a high school life skills class.