Our son Kenny was diagnosed with ASD at about 18 months of age. We tried pretty much all the therapies that were available at the time, speech therapy, occupational therapy and Music therapy for a short time. IBI was denied to him through the publicly funded program, as he was too “high functioning” but we gave it a try privately (it was not a success). We enrolled him in a preschool with support for 2 years, and then headed to the public school system... Read More

Sue Jakeman

For the first time I felt confidence in the abilities of the educators to work with my son the whole school day; teaching supporting, encouraging, listening and really caring. Their skills in communications extend to the whole of the family, beginning with daily taking time to talk with the parents about how our children’s day went. I do not feel alone anymore working to build communication and social skills in my son. He has progressed at school and at home, academically and in behaviour self-monitoring. Thank you so much.

Learning Centre Parent

All of your teachers are incredible. They are all fantastic with the students. The Learning Centre is a fabulous school with teachers who have made a visible difference to my child's academics, communication, social skills, and confidence. Thank you Woodview!

Learning Centre Parent