Admission Criteria


Woodview Learning Centre welcomes students from 6 to 17 years of age with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who are capable of functioning within a small group environment. As a private school, we accept students from all over Southern Ontario.


Before starting at the Learning Centre, new students receive both an informal and formal assessment. Based on this assessment, our Education Coordinator works with the student’s parent(s) to establish an Individual Education Plan (IEP). All deficits in curriculum goals are addressed. Goals and priorities are established. Student interests are considered. Parents receive formal written report cards followed by parent interviews. Daily, informal conversations with staff help keep our families informed of their student’s daily progress.


 Tuition Fees Per School Year
4 to 1
4 students, 1 teacher
2 to 1
2 students, 1 teacher

Fee for Service

Woodview Learning Centre operates as a private, fee-for-service alternative school placement for children and youth with autism spectrum disorder.

Tuition fees vary based on the level of support the student requires. The support level required is determined by the Program Manager, with input from the family, prior to enrollment and may vary in subsequent years depending on the progress and academic level of the student. Prior to the school year, every student will receive an Academic Fee Schedule outlining the tuition fees and payment schedule for the school year.

Payment Schedule

In order to confirm a student’s enrollment in the Woodview Learning Centre, a non-refundable Registration Fee is due prior to the school year that is deducted from the overall tuition. Enrollment is not guaranteed until the Registration Fee has been received.

Woodview Learning Centre tuition fees may be paid in a lump sum payment or on a pre-determined monthly payment schedule and may not be reduced due to absences or school holidays. Monthly tuition fees must be paid by the 1st of each month.

Payment Options

Tuition fees may be paid by post-dated cheque, pre-authorized credit, or PayPal.

Withdrawal from Woodview Learning Centre

Students may withdraw from Woodview Learning Centre with 30 days’ notice. In the event of withdrawal, the initial registration fee is forfeited and paid tuition is non-refundable.

Tuition Receipts

Every student will receive a tuition receipt at the end of each calendar year.

Mid-Year Start

Students may enroll in Woodview Learning Centre mid-year if there are vacancies available. Tuition fees are pro-rated to the remaining months of the school year.


Jeff Roche and Hannah Gordon Roche Memorial Sponsorship Fund

The Jeff Roche and Hannah Gordon Roche Memorial Sponsorship Fund is a subsidy fund for families who are unable to afford the full tuition of the Woodview Learning Centre. The fund is supported by designated donations and fundraising.

How to Apply

Applications for the Sponsorship Fund are accepted at the time of enrollment for the next academic school year (typically between April and May of the prior school year). Parents or caregivers are invited to apply by contacting the school administration by email or phone and requesting a copy of the Application Form. Once completed, the application is reviewed and the applicant is notified by letter of the panel’s decision.

How to Donate to the Fund

The sponsorship is funded by and relies upon the generosity of our donors and third-party fundraisers. To donate to the fund, please click on the button below and select 'Woodview Learning Centre Sponsorship Fund'. Donors will receive a charitable tax receipt and recognition in Woodview's Annual Report*.

*donations of $500 or more receive recognition in Woodview's Annual Report.


Eligibility is determined by a panel including the Executive Director and members of Woodview’s Board of Directors.

The level of funding assistance may vary based on the availability of funds and the number of requests received. If the number of qualifying applications exceeds the amount of sponsorship funds available, subsidy will be awarded on a most in need basis.

Sponsorship is awarded, when available, to families who would otherwise not be able to attend the Woodview Learning Centre.


Our Location

The Woodview Learning Centre is located at 69 Flatt Road, in Burlington (off Waterdown Road, just north of the 403). It is the responsibility of parents / guardians to arrange for pick up and drop off of students.