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Welcome Message from the Principal

Lindsey Court

As Program Manager and Principal, I would like to invite parents to imagine a school where the staff helps each child and youth maximize his or her potential in a supportive, collaborative, and positive environment. Woodview Learning Centre strives to provide ‘just right’ supports that allow each student to feel as though they are understood and cared for. This type of learning environment has been a cornerstone of the Woodview Learning Centre since its creation over 15 years ago.

The Learning Centre was created to fill a gap in service by offering an ASD-specific school program where class sizes were kept small and programming was individualized to meet the unique needs of each student. Since its inception we have continued to maintain the small, family oriented program that saw such success in its early days. Although we continue to grow from our initial class of 4 students we strive to maintain its original values and core ideologies.

We do this through our highly trained team of professionals who continually search for the most effective teaching principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). We believe that all children are capable of growth and mastery of new skills. All of our students learn differently, therefore all teaching is individualized, and motivating, while still meeting the requirements of the Ontario Curriculum.

Ultimately, we want to prepare and teach our students the skills necessary to transition back into a mainstream classroom, for high school and/or life there-after. But our first goal will always be for our students to be happy, proud, and successful children and youth who are excited to come to school!

Ms. Lindsey Court

Principal and Program Manager

The Woodview Learning Centre is a program offered at Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services' head office in Burlington.

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