Education Coordinator

Steve is an enthusiastic and positive teacher who has been working in the field of special education for over a decade; graduating from Trent University for both his undergraduate and education degrees. Steve began his career as a high school/young adult teacher working with at risk youth and those with behavioral needs who required social/life skills in addition to academics. He was immediately drawn to the idea that qualitative education could be brought to anyone no matter what the circumstance. It was that joy that he found when working with all students no matter what the age or ability that motivated him to obtain his specialist, primary, and junior qualifications. Steve has had experience teaching at all age levels both in the public and private school environments. Recently in the last 5 years Steve began his journey in education leadership by being trained in school wide positive behaviors, restorative justice, transition consulting, professional development, 21st century learning, education at the neural/cognitive level, curriculum/assessment composition, student engagement, and behavior/individual education plan writing processes. In the end Steve is motivated like all those at Woodview to give each child the specialized instruction they deserve while continuing to nurture their school environment experience. He is excited to work with the staff and expert instructors at the Learning Centre to show each student that their educational journey, as Temple Grandin said, may be “different but not less.”